What a talent!

IMG 0121 from Hall Park on Vimeo.

You will be amazed at Poppy's strength, balance and grace when you watch this video. She trains each week in Blackburn both before and after school. Her dedication is really paying off.

Little Dance Stars

Today our Year 6 children began their new dance clubs with Year 2. They had a fantastic warm up in groups, rehearsed some dance steps and then began to rehearse a choreographed piece. Really looking forward to the performance at the end of the half term!




Athletics at AKS

It was fun we did lots of events and we tried our best at ever thing we did some of us did three, four and even five events such as standing long jump, standing triple jump, chest pass, vertical jump, soft javaling, 1+1 lap relay, 2+2 lap relay, 4×1 lap relay, over and under, six lap relay and obstacle race.