Netball B Team Match Report Clifton

On Tuesday 13th October Lytham Hall Park played Clifton. We lost the toss and decided which net to shoot in.  We started off with some great passes and got the ball down to our end.  Alex tried to score but sadly missed.  Clifton got the ball but Abi intercepted it, passed it back to Alex who scored! 1:0 to Hall Park.

After a short switch around, the game was back on.  Tess was in centre, she passed it to Abi who sent it down to the end.  One of Clifton’s players tried to get the ball but missed.  We took this opportunity to get the ball and we scored. 2:0 to Hall Park!

In in the second half, Abi scored four more times which meant the score was 6:0.  Sadly in the last quarter, Clifton scored but it didn’t make a difference as we scored our final goal in the last few seconds and won… 7:1 to Hall Park.



Netball A Team Match report Clifton

On Tuesday 13th of October, Lytham Hall Park A team played Clifton A team. We won the toss and decided which net to score in. They started well, but with some great interception by Hall Park we managed to get the ball down to our end.  Fortunately, Olivia scored 1:0 to Hall Park.  Unfortunately, Clfiton managed to get the ball quickly down to their end and scored.  Hall Park got possession again and scored.  It was 2:1 to Hall Park.  As the game came to a close, Clifton scored.  The game ended 2:2.



Final matches before Winter…

…and what fantastic games they were. I’m really proud of our team players, their games this evening demonstrated their determination to improve and team spirit. Well done to all the children that have been committed to our clubs!

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Netball A Team Match Report: St Thomas’

On Tuesday 6th October, Lytham Hall Park played St Thomas’ team.

We won the toss and decided which net to shoot in.  Swiftly, St Thomas’ got the ball to their end and scored in the first quarter.  1:0 to St Thomas’ team.  After a speedy switch around, the battle was back on.  Soon after some amazing passes and excellent intercepting, we had the ball and Abi scored.  It was 1:1! Both teams tried to score again but missed.  The half time whistle blew.

We had a quick team talk and checked our strategy for a win.  Alex did some good goal keeping and Alice did some great catches.  Suddenly, it began to rain, but we were strong and played on.  The ball went back and forth and we scored again.  2:1!

We changed back to our original positions, which we were best in, for the last quarter.  We had come this far and weren’t ready to loose now.  St Thomas’ had the ball and sent it down our end. Thankfully we scored and the score was 3:1 to Hall Park.  We were soaking but it was a victory.

Netball B Team Match Report: St Thomas’

On Tuesday 6th October, Lytham Hall Park played St Thomas’ team.

We won the toss and decided to take the first centre pass.  With some great passes, we won the ball and scored! It was the first goal and we were in the lead.  St Thomas’ started with centre and got it down the pitch trying to score and unfortunately for us, they did! After a lot of defending but with no success, they scored.  It was 2:1.

It was the second half and we changed positions.  St Thomas’ started off with the ball and attempted to score but it bounced off the rim of the net.  Caitlin got the ball and with lots of determination we got possession and Amie scored.

After more determination from both teams, St Thomas’ scored and it started to rain.  It was hard to catch and throw but we managed to get it to our end but couldn’t get it in the net.

The last quarter began and St Thomas’ scored twice more.  It was end at the final score was 5:3.  Thank you to all of the parents who came to watch and Miss Singleton for helping us!

Netball Ansdell V LHP A Team Match Report

On Tuesday 29th September Lytham Hall Park’s A team played Ansdell.  Ansdell won the toss and decided to take the first centre.  Hall Park got the ball and started to pass it down the pitch.  Olivia managed to score and we were one goal up!  Ansdell got possession and attempted to score but Niamh managed to block their goal.  Passing down the pitch, Hall Park scored when Olivia shot again. Ansdell came back and scored, making the game more exciting.  With great passing by Hall Park, Abi successfully scored and it was 3:1. Another score from Ansdell made the score 3:2 to Hall Park.  Right at the last minute, Ansdell scored their third and final goal evening up the score.  The final whistle blew and the score was 3:3.


B Team Netball Match Report – Hallpark vs Ansdell

On Tuesday 29th of September Hall Park B-team played Ansdell B-team. Ansdell started in centre and got the ball down their end and scored their first point. After a lot of great teamwork but sadly no scoring it was the end of the first quarter. In the next quarter, although we had many attempts, still no one managed to score. In the third quarter we got the ball down to our end and Millie, our goal shooter, scored. Ansdell got the ball again but we got it back to our end again and Sarah-jane scored our second point. It was now the final quarter and at the last second Ansdell scored and it was a draw 2 all.
We would like to thank Miss Brierley, Miss Ainsworth and Miss Singleton for helping us improve our skills. All the parents and family members who came to support us and lastly we would like to thank Ansdell B-team for their great sportsmanship.
By Florence

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