Girls Football Tournament

On the 21st of May 2014, 9 year 6 girls entered a football tournament at AFC Fylde football club. 8 other schools attended this event. Mrs Howarth supported us and choose Mya as our captain and Amy as our vice-captain.
Our first game was against the Willows with Heidi, Abbey, Mya, Amy, Aleisha and Molly as our first line up. The result ended 2-1 to Hall Park with Mya scoring both goals and, unfortunately, Abbey scoring an own goal.
The next match being against Ribby with Wrea Green 2 our starting line up was Heidi, Ameilia, Mya, Ruby, Yaz and Molly. Unfortunately, the final score was 2-0 to Ribby with Wrea Green 2.
Weeton were our next opponents. Mrs Howarth had to choose a strong team otherwise Hall Park wouldn’t make the semi- finals. She choose Mya, Abbey, Amy, Ameilia, Yaz and Heidi. By Half-time it was 2-1 to Hall Park. We managed to get a penalty because one of our opponents picked up the ball by mistake. Mya then scored making it 3-1 to Hall Park. At the end of that match, the score was 5-2 to Hall Park.
When the organiser called in all the teams, we found out that Hall Park were through to the semi-finals.
As we all had butterflies in our stomachs, our tough opponents, Clifton, were very attacking. Before this match, Mrs. Howarth chose our best team including: Mya, Heidi, Abbey, Amy, Aleisha and Molly. Sadly, at the end of the semi-final it was 1-0 to Clifton. At the end of the tournament Hall Park came 3rd out of 8 teams. We would like to thank Mrs. Howarth for her great encouragement, Mr Billington and Mr kidd for training us. And finally all the parents who came to support us!
By Amy and Mya

Netball Report. A Team vs St Peters A Team

On Tuesday 1st October Lytham Hall Park A team played St Peters A team.  We won the toss and they took first centre. They got the ball down to their end and missed the net. After some very fast and accurate passing from the team we got the ball down to our end and Ruby had a shot but unfortunately missed. St Peters then got the ball down their end again and Aleisha intercepted the ball very well and passed to Ruby. Using the zig zag passing method Ruby, Rebecca and Malika got the ball down to our end. Rebecca took a shot and got the ball in the net. 1-0 to Lytham Hall Park. St Peters took centre and got the ball down to their end again. Again after some passing from our attacking players, Ruby tried to score but unfortunately missed. St Peters got the ball down to their end, tried to shoot but missed. Mya passed the ball to Rebecca who passed to ruby who unfortunately lost        the pass. St Peters got their quick hands around the ball and got the ball down to their end again but missed. Lytham Hall Park passed the ball quickly down our end and ruby shot but missed. Becca got her hands on the ball and scored again for us. 2-0 to Lytham Hall Park.     The half time whistle blew 2-0 Lytham Hall Park.       After a great team talk and position swaps we were ready to take St Peters on for the second half.       It was their centre and they quickly got the ball up to their end. Heidi intercepted the ball from them and passed to Ameilia who then  passed to Malika who was down our end. St peters intercepted the ball from us and tried to shoot twice but missed both times. Ally passed to Ameilia who passed to Rebecca. She tried to shoot but  unfortunately missed. St Peters got the ball up to their end. They tuck the shot and scored. 2-1 to Lytham Hall Park. It was our centre and Malika tried to pass to Ruby but ,unfortunately Ruby missed the ball. They got the ball down to their end and shot and scored. 2-2. After the final  centre pass Abbey got the ball and tried to shoot but unfortunately missed. The full time whistle blew, the final score was 2-2. We would like to thank St Peters for letting us practise on their court, Mrs Swan and all the parents who came to support us.