Athletics at AKS

It was fun we did lots of events and we tried our best at ever thing we did some of us did three, four and even five events such as standing long jump, standing triple jump, chest pass, vertical jump, soft javaling, 1+1 lap relay, 2+2 lap relay, 4×1 lap relay, over and under, six lap relay and obstacle race.

Football B Team Report – Heyhouses

On Tuesday the 4th of November Lytham Hall Park B team played against Heyhouses B team. Heyhouses won the toss and decided to take centre. Hey houses took centre but we got the ball very quick, and I passed it to Aakash and Aakash made a sweet cross and Dan finished it off one goal in the back of the net for Lytham Hall Park. Hey houses took goal kick but it was intercepted by Dan but he got tackled by one of their players who made a run and had a shot against Alfie who unluckily missed it, we took goal kick and Dan got the ball and made a run and skilled Some of their players and conceded a good goal the half time whistle blew Mr Billington gave us a brilliant team talk. The second half began and strait away we was on their side of the field and past to Aakash on the wing who crossed it and Dan had a shot but hit the post and Yash got the rebound and had a shot and it went in the final score was 3-1 to Hall Park we would like to thank Mr Billington and everyone who came to support us.