Rounders tournament

On Wednesday 5th June 2013, Lytham Hall Park went to LSA high school to play Ansdell, HeyHouses and Clifton in a rounders tournament. When we arrived at the high school as the first school there to save the precious time we practiced our catching skills untill the other schools arrived then the game could begin.

Mrs Coughlan gave us the schools we were playing against and HeyHouses were first on the list. We made our way over to pitch two where we would play all of the games. When HeyHouses made the way over to the pitch Hall Park and HeyHouses waited for the whistle and then the game could begin. HeyHouses won the daisy choosing and decided they would bat first giving Hall Park the advantage to see what score they would get and if we could beat them.

After amazing throwing and passing from base to base th whistle blew for the next school to bat leaving the score as 26 to HayHouses. When Hall Park stepped in to bat the whistle  blew and the game restarted. Hall Park started with a good batting and running half way through Joe HW was beaten around the the circle meaning Hall Park lost and great member. The whistle blew leaving Hall Park with 24, HeyHouses winning the first game.

Mrs Coughlan gave us a strategy “even if its a no ball just run anyway that means we have more time to score more points” As Mrs Coughlan read to us who we played against next Clifton came over ready to begin Game 2. Next up was Clifton and Joe HW won the daisy choosing and decied we would field, Clifton did some amazing batting showing some real talent, but hall park kept up the fielding aswell as the batting leaving Clifton with 25 and a half. Hall Park’s turn to bat and with a few double rounders and not many people going out we left the score 23 and half, meaning Clifton winning.

After Mrs Coghlan giving us another team talk which boosted are confidence we were ready for another great game against Ansdell. Oliver won the daising choosing and decied that Hall Park would field for the 3rd time first. After amazing catching skills Will caught the ball giving Ansdell one less player, after Claudia caught another player from Ansdell and to make the game for Hall Park Jack caught the ball giving Hall Park three catches in a row, but our streak was not over yet as Oliver made a dive for the ball from backstop giving Hall Park four catches but not in a row.

When the whistle went Hall Park turn to bat and what a game it turned out to be. Oliver hit the ball straight threw the rugby and the first backstop went to get it leaving us with a advantae and Oliver went for it scoring two rounders already for Hall Park. Joe HW made a lucky two rounders for Hall Park by the third base keeper droping the ball sending it all the way back to first base. Jack made a unlucky attempt by heading for two rounders but being beaten by the ball on the second go. The final whistle went  nd the score was in, Ansdell scoring 21 and Hall Park 17 by losing 5 members from there team.

We would like to thank everyone who came to support us and Mrs Coghlan for her inspring team talk even thought we came last out of 4.

1st: Ansdell

2nd Clifton

3rd HeyHouses

4th Lytham Hall Park