Little Dance Stars

Today our Year 6 children began their new dance clubs with Year 2. They had a fantastic warm up in groups, rehearsed some dance steps and then began to rehearse a choreographed piece. Really looking forward to the performance at the end of the half term!




Athletics at AKS

It was fun we did lots of events and we tried our best at ever thing we did some of us did three, four and even five events such as standing long jump, standing triple jump, chest pass, vertical jump, soft javaling, 1+1 lap relay, 2+2 lap relay, 4×1 lap relay, over and under, six lap relay and obstacle race.

Tuesday 1st October Netball Report B Team

On Tuesday the 1st of October Lytham hall parks B team played st Peters B team. They won the toss and we took first centre we got it down our end and molly passed the ball to ruby but unfortunately she missed. Then st. Peters managed to get it down their end and they tried to score but missed. Luckily we got it back down our end and molly scored it was 1-0 to Hall Park. They took centre and got it down their end but luckily because of our great defending we got it back down our end and molly scored again 2-0 to Hall Park.  St peters took centre luckily for them they got it down their end and there was a lot of defending and passing skills going on they managed to have a couple of shots and then luckily for them there managed to score. It was 2-1 to Hall Park.  Then the whistle blew we had won


We would like to thank Mrs swan for all the couching she has done with us and also the people who came to support us!