Hall Park A v’s Heyhouses A team netball report

A team netball match report

On Wednesday 26th march Lytham Hall Park a team played Heyhouses a team. They won the toss and decided to take first centre.


As soon as the whistle blew, heyhouses got the ball down to their end with some great, tactical passing. Unfortunately, they scored the first goal.

1-0           To heyhouses.

Now it was our centre- our chance to equalise. With some quick and speedy passing between Heidi, Mya and aleisha we got the ball down our end. However, heyhouses defender took a sneaky interception and ,in seconds, got the ball back down to their end. Although our defenders tried very hard to get the ball back, heyhoues took another shot and scored.

2-0          to heyhouses

It was their centre again and the ball was mispassed and mya batted the ball out of the way to then be caught by aleisha, who passed to heidi; molly made a solid catch where it was quickly passed to RUBY, WHO WASN’T BEING MARKED AT THAT TIME, and TOOK A SHOT BUT, UNFORTUNATELY MISSED. Then heyhouses intercepted and got the ball down their end, set up a goal and scored.

The quarter-time whistle blew, 3-0 to heyhouses.

After Mrs swan gave us an inspiring team talk, we had a change of position and got ready for our centre.


We quickly got the ball down our end with some amazing passes by abbey, ruby and molly.Ruby took a shot and scored!


3-1 to heyhouses

Skilfully, with the whole team required we got the ball back down our end and molly scored making it: 3-2 to heyhouses.

Next, it was our centre but, heyhouses wanted to get their comeuppance on us scoring twice. Therefore, they got the ball down their end and scored yet another goal.

4-2 to heyhouses. And then, a few minutes later, 5-2 to heyhouses. The half time whistle blew.

Mrs Swan gave us yet another great team talk which really raised our spirits. We had another change of positions and got back on the court.

It was our centre again and with some absolutely awesome passes abbey scored!

5-3 to heyhouses.

With it being their centre, heyhouses tried their usual tac-tics. However, Heidi intercepted the ball and then passed it to aleisha who passed to ruby. Then using the zig- zag method passed it to abbey and then back to ruby. With tension rising throughout the whole of the team, ruby scored.

5-4 to heyhouses- now we had a chance to equalise the score.

Unfortunately, we got our hopes up too high too fast AND HEHOUSES GOT THE ALL DOWN THEIR END AGAIN AND SCORED YET ANOTHER GOAL.





Now it was heyhouses centre. They made solid passes down to their end and they set up a shot very close to the net. Going over the net, another heyhouses player caught the ball and took a shot. The ball went right over the net again where it was caught by the player who recently tried to shoot. She tried again and the ball went right over the net again! This time, though, a heyhouses player took a shot and scored an unfortunate- but fantastic goal.

8-4 to heyhouses.

Our centre again, we did some brilliant passes to the whole of the team. Molly, ruby and malika set up a goal and abbey scored again!

8-5 to heyhouses.

Putting our heads into the game, we got the ball back down our end and Malika scored a fantastic goal!

8-6 to heyhouses.

It was the last minute of the match now and we were determined to score more goals. Unfortunately, heyhouses got it down their end- obviously determined like us- and scored the final goal. Then the final whistle blew.

The final score was 9-6 to heyhouses, but we kept the team spirit high.

We would like to thank our marvellous coach Mrs swan, and all the parents who came to support us. We may not have won but we held our heads high!

Netball Report. A Team vs St Peters A Team

On Tuesday 1st October Lytham Hall Park A team played St Peters A team.  We won the toss and they took first centre. They got the ball down to their end and missed the net. After some very fast and accurate passing from the team we got the ball down to our end and Ruby had a shot but unfortunately missed. St Peters then got the ball down their end again and Aleisha intercepted the ball very well and passed to Ruby. Using the zig zag passing method Ruby, Rebecca and Malika got the ball down to our end. Rebecca took a shot and got the ball in the net. 1-0 to Lytham Hall Park. St Peters took centre and got the ball down to their end again. Again after some passing from our attacking players, Ruby tried to score but unfortunately missed. St Peters got the ball down to their end, tried to shoot but missed. Mya passed the ball to Rebecca who passed to ruby who unfortunately lost        the pass. St Peters got their quick hands around the ball and got the ball down to their end again but missed. Lytham Hall Park passed the ball quickly down our end and ruby shot but missed. Becca got her hands on the ball and scored again for us. 2-0 to Lytham Hall Park.     The half time whistle blew 2-0 Lytham Hall Park.       After a great team talk and position swaps we were ready to take St Peters on for the second half.       It was their centre and they quickly got the ball up to their end. Heidi intercepted the ball from them and passed to Ameilia who then  passed to Malika who was down our end. St peters intercepted the ball from us and tried to shoot twice but missed both times. Ally passed to Ameilia who passed to Rebecca. She tried to shoot but  unfortunately missed. St Peters got the ball up to their end. They tuck the shot and scored. 2-1 to Lytham Hall Park. It was our centre and Malika tried to pass to Ruby but ,unfortunately Ruby missed the ball. They got the ball down to their end and shot and scored. 2-2. After the final  centre pass Abbey got the ball and tried to shoot but unfortunately missed. The full time whistle blew, the final score was 2-2. We would like to thank St Peters for letting us practise on their court, Mrs Swan and all the parents who came to support us.