A team match report by team captain Olivia

On the 22nd of September Lytham Hall Park A team played Heyhouses A team. We lost the toss, so we decided which net we were going to shoot in. On the first half Daisy (our goal shooter) scored our first goal. Heyhouses scored their first goal. Straight after that our goal attack Olivia scored our next goal. Heyhouses sadly scored there next goal which came to two all. When we all switched round Heyhouses scored there next goal which came to three two. We would like to thank Miss Singleton and Miss Brierley for being wonderful coaches.

St Peters Netball Match: A Team Report

Emily: On Tuesday the 14th October st peters a team played Lytham hall park a team they won the toss and decided to choose the way the shot so we started with the ball.
Emma: it started with some great passing and we got the ball down our end I pasted to Ellie who then passed to Ruby who tried to score but unfortunately missed so she tried again and scored.
Anna: yey one nil to Lytham Hall Park.
Ellie: it went back to ST peters centre they got it down their end but luckily Aimee threw it to emily and then she past to me and I past to ruby but when she tried to score she missed.
Niamh: The first quarter had ended we had a great team talk from Miss Kirkham and changed our bibs.it was still one nil to hall park. We were all very happy and we scored the first goal
Ruby: the second quarter had started we got off to a great start but unfortunately St Peter got the ball down there end and scored 1-1. We were disappointed but we had scored a goal so it was even.
Anna: when we stared with the ball I passed to Ellie who then passed to ruby who tried to score but missed and Emily court it and scored yey two-one to Hall Park.
Aimee: it was the third quarter started we had an inspiring team talk with Miss Kirkham upped are game .When the next quarter had started and we did some great passing
Emily: unfortunaly they got it down their end and scored
Emma: we took centre and did some great passing unfortunately they got it down there end and scored again it was 3-2.
Niamh: It was the fourth quarter and right at the beginning St Peters scored it was 4-2 to St Peters.
Ellie: Luckily ruby scored and it was 4-3 to St Peters
Anna: It was the end of the match.
Emily: We would like to thank Miss Kirkham and all the parents that came to support us.