George- Year 4

Over half term I completed the St Luke’s Hospice Walk 2015. I was the only child out of 118 walkers. I walked 58 miles in 4 days following St Cuthbert’s Way and so far I’ve raised over £200 to give to the Hospice. 

I started walking in Melrose, in Scotland, and finished for day 1 in Harestanes (13 miles). On day 2 I completed the day doing 10.5 miles. I walked the full distance again on day three starting in Morebattle, and crossed over from Scotland to England during that day. Day 4 (18 miles) was the best as I crossed the sands to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. Every one was clapped in and received their medals. 

That evening all the walkers and support team got together for party night and I received 2 prizes for being the youngest walker, a St Cuthbert’s Way T-shirt and chocolates. 

It was one of the best things I have ever done but I’ve got a black toenail at the end of it. 
George Mackenzie


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